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Am I been stupid??
Okay I've taken delivery of a Sonnen 96v LifePO4 pack, which I intend to convert to 48v, it's currently 8P32S configuration.


I've had a look at the packaging, and how the plates are organised. And it appears to me, that if I split the long thin plate at one end, then I have 2 x 8P16S packs. If I then bridge all the tabs from the plates, top to bottom (as I've taken the pictures) then that will parallel each section and give me 1 x 16P16S battery??

That seems too simple, I am missing something. 

The central tabs also all connect to a PCB, which i guess is a BMS, is this likely to interfere with anything, or worse still cause a short, am I best removing the PCB from the tabs if possible? It looks to be spot welded on.
Should work, split the series in half gives you 16s.

btw, it's 32s8p and 16s8p. Only 1 bms would be used, not 16.
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Agree with Korishan, yes you should be able to separate into 48V strings.
Yes cutting the long nickel strip at the right side of the right side pic looks like the right place.
re the PCB, if it has active parts on it, yes, I'd disconnect it. But if it's just an interconnect, I'd leave it there.
Take care to prevent shorts, eg cover around where you're working with plastic or cardboard, use insulated tools.
1x BMS with 16s cell monitoring will do it once all paralled.
Check voltages are equal with a meter at each step when making those parallel connections!
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Thanks I'll take a closer look at the PCB this evening, at the moment everything is with 0.01v

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