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10kwh 18650 Powerwall in Nigeria
what kind of inverter are you using?
Hello, i just join this forum.

I love the idea of using Li-ion batteries to power my inverter instead of the usual Lead acid batteries.

One of my lead acid battery just got bad, and now that i have this knowledge, i don't intend to buy another lead acid battery.

I want to start by harvesting batteries from dead laptop batteries or any other devices using 18650 cells.

Am thinking of a 7s 10p configuration per block.

So with a minimum cell rating of 2000mah, i should be getting 20Ah per battery block at 24V.

That should give me about 480Wh per battery block.

Hope it works out well.

Shy Shy Shy Shy Shy Shy
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Re your problem of breaking fuse wires, can you use cable ties going through between the cells to hold the busbars in place?
Also I don't know if hot melt glue has been tried before?
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
@lawcomleo and OP
i have to say, you have a great setup there ... its quite a very good build and its quite interesting.
am in Nigeria too and i do relate with the power cuts ..... a similar power build that am looking into is a 4s 30p for nominal 12v system but its charging configurations / parameters are something more of a pickle for me and matching with a corresponding inverter to match it.

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