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12V "suitcase" battery pack, pouch cells
A 400W continous fridge can easy draw 4000W on startup Wink This all depends on type of fridge though. Thats why Victron recommend that beast of inverter and its needed. Those cheap ass inverters cannot do it.

A 2kW ups cannot get close to what that Victron can deliver in peak power. It can on other hand over a 15min basis run a higher resistive load but over 24 hours i bet the Victron is better overall.
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Thanks for posting that. Which Victron Inverter model would you recommend, in order to start and run an intermittent full-size refrigerator?
Some updates. I bought a Meanwell 1500W 48V sine-wave inverter to use my 52V electric bike batteries in a power outage, but only to power the bare minimum. I also have a large 2600W 48V UPS I am experimenting with (I have three large 52V ebike packs).

I have acquired some high-amp LTO cells for the 12V suitcase. Since the LTO chemistry has a lower nominal 2.4V voltage I will use 6S instead of LiFePO4 4S. These cells are rectangular flat laminated pouch cells with wide tabs.


plastic sheet from a ziplock bag over the positive tab, blue painters tape to hold it on (doesn't leave a sticky residue)


HDPE plastic kitchen cutting board, 15" X 20" for $13 at Walmart. It's 9mm thick, and doesn’t absorb humidity like plywood. Drywall screws are very cheap. The small drill bit is for making a pilot hole, 2/3rds the OD of the screw threads. The large bit is used to gently recess a chamfer into the plastic so the metal screw-head is recessed. I will put PET tape over the heads, similar to Kapton.

The corner braces are wood.


The white rectangle in the center is another setction of HDPE cutting-board that will be used as a side-compression plate, so it is the same dimensions as the cell.


If you look closely, you can see the six slots coming in from the left and right on the head-plate. They are for the tabs to be inserted. After I am satisfied with the result, I will loosen the screws, apply clear Gorilla glue to the joint and screw it back down. This glue has a roughly one-hour primary set time, so I have plenty of time to move the pieces around, no rush. Full cure in 24 hours. Once that is done, I will use the table saw to trim-off the excess HDPE on the edges.

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