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1500 getestete Zellen warten
Zum Vorhaben:
Powerwall mit anfänglich 5kW Hybrid-Wechselrichter 48V und 10x 330er Mono-Ost-Solaranlage (keine Verschattung).
Ich habe nun 1500 18650er Zellen getestet (entladen, geladen mit 1A, notiert, 30 Tage Spannungsverlust kleiner 0,1V)

Jetzt will ich verbauen ...
Ich sehe immer mehr 100p Blocks ohne Balancer die nachher zu 13s / 14s gebalanced verschaltet werden.
Mein Plan war 7-10p13s zu basteln, hab hier klar enorme Mehrkosten was balencing angeht, kann aber auch problemlos erweitern...

Jetzt bin ich mir unschlüssig wie ich hier weitermachen soll, hat wer Denkanstöße für mich?

P.S.: Hab ja nochmal Platz für 10 Module und Wind soll auch noch aufs Dach -> in ferner Zukunft

Gruß aus dem Schwabenland
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Thanks to Goo... Transl...
Hello To the project:
Powerwall with initially 5kW hybrid inverter 48V and 10x 330 mono-solar system (no shading - east).
I have now tested 1500 18650 cells (discharged, charged with 1A, noted, 30 days voltage loss less than 0.1V)
Now I want to block ...
I see more and more 100p blocks without balancer which are subsequently balanced to 13s / 14s interconnected.
My plan was 7-10p13s to tinker, have here clearly enormous additional costs in terms of balencing, but can also easily expand ...
Now I am undecided how to continue here, who has food for thought for me?

P.S .: Have again space for 10 modules and wind is still on the roof -> in the distant future
Greetings from Swabia
I run 4 batteries with separate BMS (40p7s). It's easy to expand, true. And the BMS are relatively cheap and offer balancing as well as security cutoff. But: if one of the BMS would really cut off and try to automatically switch back on line later, the equalization currents could be enormous. So I would rather go into 100p and single BMS on a setup of your intended size. You can still expand later by adding another series of 100p's.

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