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18650 Powered Off Grid
Hi All,

Showing in picture is a 80p 7s. 560 cells

Ave / cell 2259mA
10mm Electrical wire for bus bars with a battery eyelet soldered on the ends.

I used 1 strand of extension cable for fusing.  Extension cable  is 10 Amp and has 32 Strand.  2 strands dead short on a 1800mA battery burned out.

Battery Cable is rated at 176 Ah, 6 gauge I believe. Temporary I'm using a 50 Ah self resetting fuse off the Packs.  Showing is a 100 Ah Din Switch for Batteries.

Controller is a PIP3024HSE.  3000W output 24V Nom 142 Ah Battery input.

On the left side is the 240V AC suppling part of the house.

Solar Panels I have 2 at 5.86Ah, 2 at 8.86Ah, and 2 at 9.15Ah. these 2 yet to be installed.  Facing West slightly North.  This will max out the PIP, rated at 50Ah Solar Charging.  on the East side I will install 6 more Panels so I can start charging a soon as the sun appears.  The East side will be isolated from the West side via a Din Changeover switch to ensure I do not exceed the Max charge Current of 50Ah.  Inline to the PIP is a 50Ah Din Breaker.

Please support my channel. search Adam Cecere

Thank you
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When you tested the Fuse wire did you see what the amps were drawing just before it blew?
Adam: Nice, clean setup. Plans for BMS?

Do you mean Amps (A) or Amp-hours (Ah)?

(07-21-2018, 10:13 PM)Shade Wrote: Adam: Nice, clean setup.  Plans for BMS?

Do you mean Amps (A) or Amp-hours (Ah)?


Hi Mark.

Yes plans to add a BMS.  This will cost about $500 for the setup using Batrium.

Your right, should be A not Ah.

Yes. It's a bit boutique, but I had to dig deep and buy the batrium too. Waiting on delivery. Shipping from the down under half of the world takes longer for some reason. Batrium has the capabilities I need to run a safe powerwall, so I will happily wait.
Hi Cecere
Any info on the solar panels?
Yes, I'm interested in size of solar panels in Watts. Also, what are you planning to power with this. I'm looking at a similar sized system for my house. Nice work by the way.
About what Solar Panels I'm using.

6 in total All 24 V in Parallel.
Short Circuit Current = Isc
2 x 190 W - Isc 5.65
2 x 250 W - Isc 8.56
2 x 260 W - Isc 9.15
Isc = 46A72

The MPP Solar controller is Rated at 50 A.
For safety I took the Short Circuit Current. Which is higher then the Max Power Current that the MPP is calculated on.

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