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1P 18650 modules for 12v, 24, 36v, 48v systems?
Hi there! I am new and this is my first post!

I have built a 48v minibike using SLA and I will be converting to Li-ion (among other projects)
I have a nearly endless supply of high quality used 18650 cells from life support equipment that is generally removed on a time basis, usually 2-3 years. I have since stockpiled and tested about 600 Sanyo cells, 100 or so LG, and some Sonys.

It is tempting to build a couple of 48v 20p-13s packs but I am considering just building a bunch of 20p-1s packs with 90A connectors and a female bullet connector for balancing. This way, if/when I experience a failure, I can easily unplug a 1s "module", swap in a fresh module and be off to the races. Also, this modular design will give fitment and voltage flexibility for other projects: ebike, power wall, trolling motor battery, etc.

This modular design will require a wire harness with more connectors in series compared to a direct spot weld or soldered connection and this could cause issues with voltage drop, heat, etc. I will be using XT90 connections, which seem to be more than enough for my needs. In a powerwall config, I could even expand more parallel modules onto a bus bar, for a nearly infinite capacity.

My tester (Zanflare) is capable of testing a single 1S so that makes it easy to determine how many cells I need in a given module to meet a certain Ahr rating.

I plan on placing these into steel ammo cans for fireproofing and weatherproofing. One large ammo can for the minibike and two narrow cans in a saddle bag config for an ebike.

I would love to hear any and all thoughts regarding this approach. Thanks for reading!
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Sounds like a good way to go for your mini-bike use :-)
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)

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