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24v vs 12v for small off grid system
I really wanted my UPS as an inverter project to work out better, but I had a really nice 48v 3000VA rack mount unit I wanted to use.  Problem is the idle load is terrible when compared to something designed for that duty.

It also takes a lot more tinkering time to get it to work, but I have seen other people access some command line and was able to adjust / change voltage thresholds for charge/float.

Even with all that, there is some sort of discomfort (at least for myself) leaving lithium cells on “float” unattended in some UPS application without any safety mechanism or modification to the UPS charging profile.

I wish I could tell you more, but I learned the inverter portion of the APC actually died (not just the batteries), so I wasn't able to make any progress on that build.


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