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5x4S VS 4S5P
If I was doing what you were doing I would use a parallel board and connect everything together(including balance connectors) so they stay balance when charging/discharging, it would be just one big battery. This way you only need one bms to monitor everything. With the parallel board, one battery won't quit before the others. Do you have a picture of the distribution board?

The bms you have can be use on any 4s battery pack, even a 4s1000p, but it will only be able to handle 6 amps, it would just be underpowered for larger packs. And its a myth that you have to use certain 18650 on your battery packs, as long as the battery checks good when you test them, use them. My packs are made with sony,sanyo,lg,generic,etc from 1200 mah to 2600 mah, if it checks good it goes in the battery pack. Heres a picture of one of my packs 3s 94ah, notice all the colors. Stayed in perfect balance. If you were making a pack for a racing bike, then yes the 18650 need to more demanding, but for what you plan to do, you can mix them together. A large pack is always better then a small one, the chance of one cell going bad is near zero, In 4 years with 8 or 9 packs that I build, never had to replace a cell. Finding and replacing one bad cell is so much work that it is usually better to just rebuild a new pack. The cells you used are excellent mah, they make a very good 4s5p.


For more safety use some sort of overvoltage alarm, like the tenergy lipo checker or isdt bc-8s. Something that will sound a loud alarm if a battery is getting above 4.20 volt. All my lithium packs have a loud alarm. I don't trust the bms to always stop the charge because I had some that went charging past the cutoff point. I like the isdt bc-8s, it has nice screen on it. You need to monitor the battery balance everytime, its easier to do on a large pack then on a bunch of smaller packs. 


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