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Amp Advice
Hi All

I am planning on building an 18650 charger starting with 10 cells, is a TP4056 board the best option considering I want to charge as quickly as possible?

If I do use TP4056, do I need to use a 10 amp power supply to deliver the 1 amp per TP4056?

I have been mucking around with some £1 eBay powerbanks and comparing them to Apple Chargers

I thought that it was the cells that determined at what current they are charged at, but these powerbanks seem to stop charging at about half the mAh I got when I charged them on the iMax (2100 to 2200).  They also do not fully discharge, so I can take the cells out of the powebank, stick them in the Imax and drain them much further.  My iMax is set to 3v

I got a twin USB charger from eBay rated at 2.1 Amp. I was lucky to get 0.21 amps to 0.49ams, Yet the same charger charges an Iphone6 at 1% per minute, disk doctor suggested iPhone battery was 2562 mAh.

I know the battery condition is a factor but is there anything I need to consider in making this charger?

I was thinking of putting some sort of display?

I was going to get a 10 amp boost supply from eBay, any thoughts?
If you can get ahold of a Old PC power supply most of them can output 20-40A @ 5V. I run 10 tp4056's off of a PC Supply that can output 40A but it never gets above 11A
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A used desktop PC or server power supply is probably going to be your most cost effective way to get the power you need. Not only is that hardware abundant it’s damn near free if you look for it in the right places.

Generally you would have access to 12v, 5v, and 3v power rails in the same supply making a cheap and dirty non-adjustable bench power supply in the process.

You could then use the 12v output for a hobby charger in addition to the TP4056 for more advanced functions.
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Each TP4056 board will use a little more than 1A under full load as the chip is linear. So you should consider about 1.25A per TP board to be on the safe side. Then you can determine how much amps is needed by the powersupply. Using a repurposed computer power supply is a great way to go. That's what I've done and I can charge 10 at once easily.
Keep in mind that if you have 20 or so boards, you need to make a loop of the Pos/Neg wires so you don't get voltage drops at the ends. Or have 2 or more parallel runs and not just strung all together.
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