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Andre's little powerwall project

I am a radio ham in holland and so this hobby consumes a lot of energy.
So my idea is to make a powerwall for the shack and cut a little on the energy bill.

So far i have bought a nice 24v to 230v true sine wave inverter from the brand d-core.
Continious power 1500VA.
New in box for 50 euro.
In the past months i have harvest about 2500 18650 cells from ebike' s
I use 5 liitokala 500 charger/tester.
I have now enough cells to make the battery pack' s.
I have now 3 ready and they show a capacity of 433,435 and 436Ah.
The repacr methode was to much trouble in my option.
I tested and sorted the cells in a 100ma range.
Then i lay out the 7 bottom holders and begin to evenly arange the tested cells over the 7 holders.
This Works very well and capacity is very close to one and other.

More to come. ..
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Hoi André,

kun je iets zeggen over je aanpak/strategie e-bike batterijen verwerven?

wie, wat, waar? betaal er voor en hoeveel?


Hallo jan-willem

I think it is best to send me a PM
Then we can talk in our native language
Can you tell me where you got that inverter from?
It was for sale on a dutch sale site called
I have not seen them since.
I bought it from someone who cleaned out his business
And there was just one inverter

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