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Apple battery's (Any value)
I have 5 apple batteries I had set aside for making small USB banks.

Just have not had time since they are lipo not 18650.

Is it worth putting in marketplace, or just send to JY?

Last pic is from a 6th battery where I tested the cells


My recommendation is JY, because when these cells get old enough they will start swelling and eventually rupture and release not so healthy fumes.

Depends on their usage history & what voltage/currents you charge/use them.
Tired old cells: not so good,
Lightly used cells: may still be quite good if not charged to highest voltage (ie typical the cell life extension strategy around here!)
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
Test them for capacity. If they are above 80% they're worthy to be used for charge bank projects or something.
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Does anyone know the capacity for these packs or discharge rate? I got a few for free from a pc repair guy. Was thinking of running them in a 4s pack for a rc car. I was also getting ~2200 mah range on each pack.
Each cell on the photo is 2540mAh
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if they test good use em.
just have to be careful not to puncture them.
i have 3 ott lite magnifier lamps packed full of them.
they have been fine over 5 years now.
these things run about 36 hours on a charge.
i should do a run test but i have not noticed any fade.
they get used for up to 2 months every day before i think to plug them in overnight.

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