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Automatic cell testing
Chickey Wrote:Is that offer open to anyone else lol :-)

If you've got an innovative project, yes
Sean Wrote:
Chickey Wrote:Is that offer open to anyone else lol :-)

If you've got an innovative project, yes

Not really, just a solar playhouse for the kids with builtin powerwall.
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Impressive design and implementation. But ...
Over designed. I have been involved in electronic mechanical machines for many years and at my company we always underestimate the physical aspects of things.

My best advice is - keep it simple stupid.

Make a long steep board and let gravity move the cells into position. No rotation motor. Endless capacity - just make the board longer. Cells will move forward without any electronics or sw.

Use a bicycle break to squeeze the poles of the cell. Use a car central locking motor ($10) to squeeze the bicycle brake. A plain relay board powers the motor. The motor closes the bicycle brake. The charge process starts. If the cell is bad another car locking motor kicks out the cell onto the floor. If OK cell the cells is advanced forward by gravity I a gate is opened.

Crazy idea for sure but make sure all physical movements of the cells are 120% fool proof before starting the electronic design.
It's an interesting idea, but I agree it's overly complex. And if you read my introduction thread, you know I am all for designing new things. But after all the work to extract the cells from the packs, You might as well take a minute and pop them all into a row of chargers. Some chargers will charge,discharge,charge again without intervention. BT-C3100 is one example. For $96 you can have 12 independent slots. And they will have resale value when you are done.
You seem very skilled and motivated, keep innovating Smile

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