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BAE A123 12V LiFePo Battery
Hi all Smile
As some of you know, I tried for quite a while to take these 40V packs apart and finally got the guts to to it.
I now have 1 of my 3 modules splitted into 3.2 / 3.6 V packs ( Aka packs of 8 cells in parallele. )
I now have bought an Ammo, all metal case to put 4S8P times 2 in there. Got myself a good BMS ( 60 amp @12v ) and a 60 amp fuse and fuse holder to put inside this ammo box. I also realise that I will need to either solder or crimp bettwen the 3.2/3.6V 8P packs... 
Does anyone here have some good advise on how crimp cables properly... since I will be at 60Amp mark, I will be using either 6 or 4 AWG. If you have any idea on what type of connector or cimper that I would need, It would be appreciated. 
PS : I'm also considering getting some Anderson s connectors.

Here's a couple of pics Wink

I also wanted to specify that each module gives me 3 12v packs. I will need 4 + 1/2 metal ammo case to use it all. My goal is to have 6 of these 40v packs taken appart for a usable 3 / 3.5kWh pack. These packs will be used as high amp. I also own 2 medical 12v lifepo batteries with bms and RS data connection on them arround 500wattH each (38/39amph) & peack continus @ 20amp :Sad These packs will be used for all 12v or usb of the tiny house. While the BAE packs will be use for a small fridge & inductive cooktop & coffee maker.

Here's the medical batteries : 

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For crimping tools, have a look for something like one of these:
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
I have this 16-ton Hydraulic Crimp Tool. I've been using it since June 2018 without any problems. Much better than the old 10-ton model I had.
Ok, I will order that in the future.

Wondering : If I solder #4AWG to the busbar of the cells directly... I bet it would work just fine? At what point does a solder connection fails? At X amp that make it hot enough to become liquid again? Wondering Confused

Thank you all Smile PS I want to push this project hardcore this week.
Thank you!

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