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BMS with monitoring system?
hey everyone,

i have some ideas back in my head and over time i am thinking about how i would make it so one day maybe i will really want to do it ^^

so right now i am searching for a system with bms and battery monitoring.
once someone here in this forum mentioned a company but i cant remind them...

Lets lets say i have some battery packs (i dont know the dimensions of the pack yet) and each of these packs has its own bms.
this way i would be able to add more and more packs over time right?

but beside monitoring it would be nice to also have some sort of monitoring like heat, voltage.... for cells/packs

like i sayed i once saw a company selling stuff right for this where you can watch the health of your system on a monitor

any ideas?

I have also done some some apps for it
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check out the one i'm working on. it's cheap, small, ultra low power, and reads up to 8 temperature sensors per module

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