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BT-C3400 confusion
Hey guys, so I picked up a BT-C3400 and I've come across something I don't understand. The charger is displaying one cell as "Full" when it finishes charging it under charge test, and doesn't seem to tick over to discharge test. Any idea what's going on? Cell is at 4.13v

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

I've had that happen before sometimes you need to cycle through the display button and it will show you the mAh rating for a short time and than go back to FULL. It may be something with the firmware getting confused when you charge and discharge different cells at different times and different parameters.
I suppose the best practice would be to "re-boot" the tester each time but who has time to do that.  Smile

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May all your Cells have an IR of 75mΩ or less Smile
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I can approve that, same by BT-C3100 by me it just happen if you do different settings on each channel. If you do all four channels the same time the same setting, at the end it blinks between FULL and the measured capacity. So you have, as Wolf said, to switch with the Display Button and be quick in reading  Big Grin
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Known here as well.
Just press display, and it will cycle between full and mAh for awhile.
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(01-18-2019, 07:31 PM)Cherry67 Wrote: Known here as well.
Just press display, and it will cycle between full and mAh for awhile.

Sometimes the reading only flashes up for a fraction of a second. It is a common and very annoying bug. I don't know if all the Opus do this. I believe mine is genuine, however I do only have one.

Perhaps someone can clarify if all Opus do this?
Yeah, sometimes it's really short, I didn't figured out yet why this happens, but I'll try.

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