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[BUYING] 18650 cells in Canada or DIY Powerwall

I am currently building a net-zero home here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The house will feature a 12.16kW solar array, pre-wired for two near future EVs and many other high-efficiency technologies. We have a net-billing type legislation here which is great for recovering income during the summer months, but there are fixed costs. I would love to have a form of on-site storage of the energy I generate from my array.

While I do have the aptitude to work and build one over time, I am also interested in purchasing an already built one due to my frequent travelling for work.

If you have 18650 cells available in Canada (or very close to Alberta in the US) that I may be able to pick-up or have shipped I am interested. I don't see many sellers on here from Canada which is unfortunate.

If you also have or willing to make a powerwall I would be interested in that as well. With the array and usage, I wouldn't anything smaller than a 7kW if possible. A smaller one could be an option as a learning or model for when I have time in the future to expand or make another.
If you are looking for an easy solution, I would suggest large format LiFe batteries. I don't think it would be cost effective to pay someone to assemble a large bank of batteries, as it is very time consuming. You would need about 1,000 new cells for a 7kw Powerwall (even more if you use 2nd hand cells). Also LiFe last much longer than Li-Ion.
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PM sent.  I ship to Canada.

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