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Batrium ExpansionBoard to drive Latching Relays in 24V System
Hi all,
This is my first thread started in this forum, so please be gentle.

I’m considering purchasing a Batrium WatchMon4 starter kit with ExpanisonBord + 8 x BlockMon M8 in order to monitor and manage a 8S1P configuration of prismatic 100Ah LiFePo4 cells.

Two questions:

1. Will the ExpansionBoard work in a 24V system like this? I can only find 12V and 48V variants of the EB on the Batrium website.

2. I’m planning to do charge disconnect (HVD) and load disconnect (LVD) with two 2-coil latching relays (as recommended by Eric @ hooked up to pin 7-10 (charge) and 23-26 (load) respectively. Are these relays compatible with the ExpansionBoard or do you recommend other latching relays?

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