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Batrium WM4 Digital input not working
I have a 2P4S system in my Yacht controlled by Batrium WM4 and expansion board. I’ve got two switches connecting +12VDC to inputs 1 and 2. I’ve set at the software that input 1 is for ”Run/idle” and the input 2 is ”Charge...”

However, it does not matter in which position the switces are, their position is not recognized by the software and I always get an Critical Fault from the system —> disconnecting the main contactor. So I have disabled those inputs alltogether, the system works OK without them.

What I’m missing here, why aren’t those inputs working?
I’m not familiar with Batrium products other than having read a little before purchasing as I’m still building packs.

My guess is they actually need to be pulled low; i.e. switched to ground.

I’m sure someone more knowledgeable than me will come along.

I wish i understood this type of stuff more to help but i don't i'm sorry Sad
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