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Batrium WM4 Digital input not working
And Im trying to understand what you have done and not done because otherwise i cannot help you Smile

The output is not a problem towards against for instance ABB contactors since they them self disconnect the contactor after its latched. So it most likely depends on area of use i suspect. The contactors I have used so far dont minde 100% on atleast since they latch them self.
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(12-05-2018, 12:00 PM)daromer Wrote: And Im trying to understand what you have done and not done ...

We're playing at different sandboxes with our toys, You and me. I've designed my system (*) for Yachting use and it probably differs a lot from Yours.

For the next cruising season I've planned to use the small and cheap 120A@250VAC latching relay to control the typical 2..8A output from the Solar panels MPPT controller and another one to control the Balmar alternator field current varying between 0..10A. See the pics from my test bed, I've put fuses on top of the relays for identification purposes. Those relays need just a short voltage pulse input to function. Both the alternator and the MPPT are programmed so that they don't harm the well balanced LFP batteries, these extra controls are needed just if their native controllers fail. Of course there's still the 500A@15VDC main contractor left which is controlled by the CriticalBatteryOK and Critical fault signals from the BMS.

The problem lies there that I cannot use the logical Charging ON/OFF outputs to control those small latching relays as those outputs are already reserved for the Victron charger control use (as described before). I'd appreciate if You could help me finding the most convenient Batrium output function to use: Cooling required, Charging limited, or ??? ... to switch off the alternator field current (=disabling the alternator output) / output from the MPPT with these latching relays in a situation happening before the final Critical event. For some reason these functions and their behaviour is not described anywhere at the Batrium support pages. J from Batrium told that they will be found there after a while.



(*) My 2P4S 320Ah + 120AH system voltage is lowish at 12,8VDC, operating current lies around 10A when sailing. Each voltage supply is programmed to the right charging profile for my LFP installation avoiding the upper voltage knees well before entering there. When motoring the Balmar alternator is charging max 80A at 13,85V (from its 120A@14.4V max). Ashore the with the shore power connected the Victron is programmed to give 80A@13,85V (max 120A@14.4V). The highest DC current I'm using is around 250A@12,8VDC when using the ACC, water maker, electric kettle, etc with the Victron inverter for a short time.
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(12-04-2018, 06:37 AM)Finihen Wrote: There's still a minor glitch inthe WM4 software as the Charging output should be giving out a pulse of voltage instead of the continuous voltage it is now giving. This is because a latching (bipolar) contactor is connected to the Charging output (as described in Exp.Board support pages). There's a risk of burning the coils of the latching contactor or the Mosfet of the PCB when the output is always active and current runs through the coils. But I'll start a new thread of this problem soon.


@Finihen, I’m in the same situation as you are. Was this problem (constant high/low vs pulse) adressed and fixed by Batrium? I.e. are you successfully driving latching relays with the Batrium ExpansionBoard now?

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