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Battery advice for my solar system?
(06-28-2017, 12:26 PM)Korishan Wrote: Cold soldering refers to the parts being soldered not getting hot enough to keep the solder in liquid form. Your soldered joint shouldn't look pale or hazy, but should be more glossy.

Please watch this video:

Hello, thanks for your reply. Could it have affected the quality of the solder? Solder

  Do you have suggestions on the content. Like lead ratio

Different people use different solder. You just find what works for you. I personally haven't really found one I like better over another (daromer can add to this with his recommendations).

However, I personally like to use flux core solder as it helps a lot with the soldering process. I also will use flux paste ontop of that. But that's me. I haven't done enough soldering to get a lot technique down.
But ultimately you want to make sure your iron stays hot enough long enough, and your work gets hot quickly to allow for solder flow. When soldering wires, it's good practice to pre-solder them (also known as "tinning") before adding it to your work. This allows for quickly flowing when more metal is added. This is especially needed on larger wires (16 awg and larger) as they will dissipate the heat quickly.
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Many people do get cold joints from start. I did this to when I started my first soldering when i was like 6 or 7 years old Smile I have gotten better at soldering even though I dont do it for a living.

I use 60/40 solder with flux core. The lead parts make it easier to solder in my opinion. I go with 60/40 instead of 63/37 since i get it easier. Lead based is not always legal but for us hobyists it generally is. I have no good clue of what makes what in the solder it self in terms of corosion. Most of my work have not had that kind of issues so never needed to learn. Or i have been lucky with the solder i have been using Smile

Flux/rosin based ones have the parts inside that makes it flow easier and you rarely need to add that externaly. its a litle bit more messy in terms of that you should clean your solder afterwards. Can corode otherwise. But thats simple. When you have tinned the cells i just go over them with a brush and they are clean enough for my work.

Im not a pro in this at all. I have learned the hard way and I have watched and listened to others.
For soldering iron its important to have decent mass on the iron so you can transfer enough heat in short enough time. That will ensure that you dont overheat the cells and make sure that the solder flows out. If you look at my video you see how nice and flat easy they just flow. Yes the soldering iron is huge and that makes it easier Smile And no i have not cleaned the cells before.

Hope that helps Smile Neverthe less we all start somewhere!
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Thank you for your answers. I will take these into consideration when creating the next battery group. Now I need to find some old laptop battery. I guess I can get free of charge from the computer repairers there.
Hello there. I ordered 20 old laptop batteries. I paid about $ 20. I am trying to make a charging station from the TP4056 circuits I bought before. At the same time I left the parallel cables in the discharge process. Do you have any suggestions? how does it look.
Looks good. And the use of some old cat5 cable is a nice touch. We're all about recycling here Smile

If you run a common set of power rails for the TP's, make sure you use some heavy copper. If you put too many TP's on 14 guage wire, you'll have issues with the ones at the end of the line. Or, make a loop back to your powersupply. Not sure how long each charging station is going to be.

Now, are said left the parallel cables. Do you mean you left the cell holders connected in parallel on one end and the TP's connected to the other? Or you have the ability to reconnect them back up in parallel? You can't have the cells in parallel and try to charge with a TP/cell. It won't work properly. You can switch between connections, though, without issue.
Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
Knowledge is Power; Absolute Knowledge is Absolutely Shocking!
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the latest version as follows. bit of mixed looks. this business amateurish was. the most from the top + 5ve -5v cable tp4056 a parallel way will connect. charge in this way to do. tp4056 battery link to the ends of parallel to a link connector to use. because tp4056 only 1a discharge limited to parallel to get from the links more current can I think. UST section cat5 cables is tp4056 the control of battery a maximum of 1a can be and low-voltage power off protection will be.

in fact, it is a PCB on the card to make would love to. but facility yet. this is the ends of the discharge voltage monitoring and the same time, another battery group to compensate for use I want to.
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In 20 laptop batteries, 125 cells were output. 7 cell trash. I will measure and record the values. I will write the list.
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