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Bolivares monopoly
Well off topic... and nothing to do with electricity, batteries or electrons in general...

For those that don't know the board game of Monopoly, appologies...

I have always thought that replacing the monopoly money with an hyperinflated real currency notes would be a really good (bad) thing to do and also create a game with real money....

Maybe an opportunity for someone (local) in a bad situation to make something out of it......

There certainly are currencies you could use. Thai Baht would affordable. Probably cost less than the game in the first place. South African Rand looks better though.

Still expensive though.

I wonder if you could get Bolivares from your local currency exchange, or bank?
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Hyperinflation is an interest of mine. As a whim, I have occasionally purchased a historical example of this.

1923 Germany, 200-million Mark banknote (500 Billion note available)
1983 Argentina, one-million Peso banknote (1M highest denomination)
1993 Yugoslavia, 50-Billion Dinar banknote (500-billion note available)
2009 Zimbabwe, 100 TRILLION Dollar banknote (can be purchased in crisp condition for $2 USD/$2 postage)
1946 Hungary, 100-Million Pengo
2017 Venezuela, 20,000 Bolivares (100,000 note available for $3 USD)
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I thought it could give an opportunity for some local to bundle up a collection of notes and put them on eBay as a monopoly pack. Would probably go viral and end up on the news...
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I think this would be illegal in most countries and especially in Venezuela after the recent developments. The government and the central bank claim the almost exclusive right to get access to foreign currencies. Sadly you can't trade it locally in exchange offices or your bank because they trade at the official exchange rate which has been a joke for years. I guess what you could do is flying to Caracas with some USD or EUR in cash and trade it on the black market. Don't buy too much though, it's illegal to possess large amounts of bolivares in cash.

But don't do it now, after the monetary reform two days ago you have to wait until inflation gets back on track. I've seen estimates between 13.000% and 80.000% inflation rate for 2018. At this rate it won't take long until we are back at pre-reform rates.

I'd love to get some bolivares, the banknotes are just so pretty!

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