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Busbars, styles - designs - success - failures
I've used twisted 10mm2 AC wire for my 200P packs.

The rationale was 200 cells at say max 1A so 200A - so 5 conductors at 40A each => 10mm2

I'll never go anywhere near that 200A but may as well design for the capacity we test the cells at (1A).

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When homes are demo'd, you can often harvest the three-wire "12/3 Romex" that normally conducted the 120V AC. you can find Romex with 14ga or 10ga, but...12ga seems to be the most common. This is likely the reason we see so many projects showing "twisted pairs" of solid copper 12ga wire. 

Engineers measure conductivity with square mm2 cross-section. Round 12ga wire is 2.05mm diameter, and its cross-sectional area is 3.3mm squared. Therefore...two 12ga wires paired as a single conductor can carry the current of a single solid 9ga, 6.6mm squared cross-section. 

$0.25 a foot for brand new three strands of 12-ga solid copper wire. So...roughly eight cents a foot for single-strand solid 12ga wire. If twisting paired wires, it about 20 cents a foot for the equivalent of 9ga wire.

Of course, if you get it free?...the precise size doesn't really matter. Pair them until it doesn't get hot at your amp-draw levels.
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