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[CLOSED] 10kva APC UPS model APC SURT10000XLi
For sale is this very powerfull 10kw ups.

This is the APC SURT 10000 XLi ups with built in network for remote monitoring.
I bought this to use as an emergenct supply to ensure my disabled sons equipment like thro floor lift and hoists will still work in the event of an outage.

The battery has seen better days to be honest, but these can be easlily changed. 
Inside the battery are 32 ritek 12v 4.5ah 20HR batteries in 4 trays, each tray has 8 batteries in series making each tray a 96v battery. 
2 in parallel and 2 in series makes it a 200vDC battery system.

I am willing to change the batteries for new ones if the new buyer would like brand new batteries with the ups.

£500 as is 
£1000 with new batteries.

Cheapest on ebay over £1600.

now sold

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