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[CLOSED] Solax x hybrid 3.7kw inverter with eps switch

for sale is a Solax X hybrid inverter.

I bought this inverter as a used inverter to use as a test / trial to see and test the viability of adding a pv storage inverter into my home solar pv system.
I have 2 solar arrays, a 4kw array on west roof, and 3.5kw array on east roof.

Tested the inverter with a 48v lifep04 battery for 6 weeks in the summer, all tested well and worked well. 

Now offering it for sale as i need to move to an AC coupled system to enable the capture of excess solar energy from both pv systems.

This inverter has a built in emergency supply switch that will supply a 24v outlet in the event of a power outage to keep you in power.

In excellent condition and working order, with all cables etc...

I also have the battery, not sure what to do with it yet, I may sell that too.
Battery is made up of 11 x 3ah 26650 lifep04 batteries in parallel, making 1 cell, 5 cells in parallel, and 16 in series making a 48v 150ah battery.

The battery was used by myself in a prius plug in hybrid conversion, in that configuration they were set up in a 1 cell x 76 in series making a 240vDC battery. The battery cells only temporarily connected as is for the test we done, Ideally, if leaving the system is a 48v system, the connecting rails need to made out of copper, its something i can do, and would do if someone wanted it built to a better standard. each individual 33ah cell (11 x 3ah) are connected and soldered properly with copper end plates and work really well.
I have tested the battery in its current set up, and tested to a capacity of 7kwh, charging from 2.8v to 3,45v.
Inverter can be seen working with the battery.

I would like to recoup around £600 for the inverter, and can ship to the uk, maybe even europe.
I am based in South Wales UK.

I hope you sold it. I'm in the market for a high-voltage capable solax inverter.
I mess with electric everythings in Raglan, NZ.
Here's my battery, 14S12P Leaf G1 Cells with Batrium monitoring
I'm an advocate for The Right to Repair and think you should be too.
I run Raglan Electric Bikes, here's its YouTube channel
Hey PM me with more info about inverter and cells (Age/mah AVG / prices please)

(03-25-2019, 12:17 PM)emuland-metroman Wrote: Hey PM me with more info about inverter and cells (Age/mah AVG / prices please)

Sorry, didnt are the CLOSED tag
Building Lifepo4 Powerwall - atm 1400 cells growing


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