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Canuck RV Battery
Testing testing.

Looks good to me Can anyone download it and see if they can open it?

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.stl   Copy of Battery Mount side.stl (Size: 58 KB / Downloads: 23)
(06-02-2017, 07:20 PM)jdeadman Wrote: Testing testing.

Looks good to me Can anyone download it and see if they can open it?

I can open it.  Looks good!

Cool thanks john
Hi everyone! Been a while since I updated but I have about 300 good cells processed and now I have 3 medical packs I bought super cheap. They are Boston power 5300mah cells that are basically 2 18650's together.

I will be designing some new cell holders for these and if that does not work I can reuse the old holders.

Anyone have experience with these specific batteries. And I have the data sheet on them too

They are actually not 2 18650 cells. So don't try taking them apart, you'll ruin the cells. I believe there are a few people on here who have worked with these and I'm sure they'll speak up.
In the mean time, like I said, don't take them apart expecting to find 2 cells in there.
Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
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Yes absolutely. Just saying the size is basically the same as 2 18650. Same chemistry just larger form factor
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Latest Update.

After watching AvErageJoe's Video on an APC as an inverter I decided to take an old to be recycled 1500 UPS and turn it into a RV inverter.   I removed the Beeper and tore out the bad Sealed Lead Acid Batteries and hooked it up to my mini power wall.

I have been playing with it to get it to charge my bank when on mains power and after installing the Powerchute software and running the calibration it is now charging.   

It charges at a slow 3A but for my 20Ah pack @7 cells it's only a couple hours.  

made a quick Vid on this test

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Just a small update. It's been a while as camping season has taken up all of my spare time. I have those Boston Power cells arranged as 3 packs of about 70Ah and building 4 more packs of about the same size (72Ah as 36 18650 cell packs) for my 7s Battery. This will be Charged by a MPT-7210A with 5 12V solar panels all in parallel (2 are 40W and 3 are 60W) Just what I had available for super cheap Smile

This will power my 5th Wheel Camper with addition. Once I get it installed I'll take pics of my setup
wait your using the APC as the charger?
Yes and no. The UPS is primarily for AC use but when I'm running my generator it will charge the bank up to a max of 4.1v \ cell

My main source of power input is 250w of solar connected to a mpt-7210a boost controller.

My camper primarily used 12v DC which I buck convert from the 24 (29) volts to 12. The AC is for the odd appliance for occasional use. Lights, fans and cell\tablet chargers all run on 12v. But with expanding the camper with a roof over it and the deck and a bunk house added on the back our camper is turning into more of a summer home. Still totally off-grid which is fun
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