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Canuck RV Battery
Were you able to get the APC Powerchute from APC or did you have to scrounge around to find one old enough to use? I know on some of the newer versions, you can't do some of the tricks needed to Lithiums. I think the older software you can actually set the float/top voltage manually. Or maybe that's only through the serial communications.
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living the dream man, that's awesome.

I have an APC SMT3000 (I have not installed the software and played with it much as I was trying to sell it) & I have a SunnyBoy 3000W grid tie inverter. The SunnyBoy has to see the incoming power or it will turn its off as a safety feature for crews working on the powerwall lines, it won't backfeed if it doesn't sense the AC power coming in. So if I flip the main screen breaker off, the inverter turns off. I wanted to try and power the house with the APC after turning the mains off to see if they will work together for a grid-tie to offgrid conversion, but dont want to blow either of them up...scared to test the theory.

But the APC will put out AC so the SunnyBoy should turn on and that power should then charge the APC theory.
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Yea I got the software from an obsure site. But cannot change the voltage. I can via the terminal Interface but I have no need to dabble in that yet. My Only concern is the Current Draw at no load is pretty high. I didn't measure but I was pulling my batterys down with 2 Amp coming into them. So I might have an issue to deal with. I will be installing a current shunt when it arrives to look at usage. right now I turn it on when I need it. (the hold button for 2-3 seconds0 It takes a couple tries but works for now

@Inverted18650, Yea I have no idea but I'm not sure if that will work since it will be both inverting from the same batteries. Unless the APC was there with it's own bank just to keep the inverter running.
I would run two banks and basically use the SunnyBoy as a charge controller...but it's just theory and I haven't attempted it. I will plug in the SMT in today and install the software to see what setting I can adjust and if the theory is worth testing.

Looking forward to updates here and your results. Schneider are generally great inverters but your spot on with the standby power, it's a bit high.
I have yet to measure it and I didn't see it in the manual. But i used my jigsaw yesterday for a bit and it had no problems
So Wow..... I have not updated in a while and I've made many changes.

First I have totally changed my mounting system as I picked up 8 cell holders (huge box of) that clip together and I have been reorganizing all my cells into these holders. these holders will then "Plug" into a string of them to makeup a cell (7s in total).

So Far I have 42 Packs that each are as close to 17.5Ah as possible. 7 packs that are made up of the Boston Poser 5300 Cells (31.8Ah) or a grand total of 3.6Kwh of storage. Not hooked up yet but amassing the cells. I'm now at 400 cells with another 50 I'm currently testing.

I'm still looking for a best method of mounting but I like a couple guys on here's walls (Another Wall in Germany) Pics to follow

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Ok so almost through all my testing and i'm up to 56 packs (of 8 cells) the first 49 are each 17500mAh each and the last 7 are 15600mAh. I also have a Bost Power set of 7 packs (6 cells each) that are 31800mAh for a grand total of 169900mAh or 169.9Ah and @ a mean voltage of 26V (24V +28V/2) puts me at a wopping 4.417kWh
Well it's started.  I got the Bus bars done,   The First packs installed and Ive hooked up the UPS to the Bank.   Ive decided to go the route of time shifting some of my power usage.  In the evenings I get charged 6.3c/kWh and day of 12.6c/kWh so If I can shift some of my daytime loads to the battery and then recharge at night Will be a cost savings.   

For now I cannot afford to get solar panels but that will be the long term plan.   As well as getting some of the Solar Hot water tubes to offset my Hotwater costs as I have 3 kids lol

To operate this I will be using my APC 1500 which is a 1000W continuous UPS which I will control the charging / online time via a timer device commonly used here for Car block heaters.   Now I will be looking into  developing a control device to Monitor Battery voltage/switching on/off the line depanding on a multitude of factors not just time.

The loads I will put on it for now is the Basement lighting (100W) Fridge (100W average) and freezer (50W average), My computers and battery testing gear (200W)

More pictures to come.  Have to cleanup the shop first
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Ok I totally didn't take any Pictures of it up and running. Ran it all February and March. Saved about $30 in those 2 months of just moving my fridge,Freezer and Internet modem/router/NAS over to the power wall during Peak times and charging Off Peak. I thought that was crazy to save that much over last years cost. Now I did make one other change and I am testing that change now that I have just disassembled my power wall for Maintenance as 2 cells have lower capacity from broken fuses.

this thing I am testing is my furnace which I also changed the fan On time from On for some time after it cycled to turning off within 1 min of furnace shutdown. which I think has saved me some of that money.

But the other reason to tear my wall apart was to get a better idea of the capacity of Each of my 8 packs vs it's calculated capacity from the individual cells testing. and oddly it's lower than the calc. I thought it would be higher. as I am testing at a lower current per cell than when i tested each cell.

And I also got another box in the mail of Packs from another member on here (Headrc I think) and upping my pack count to 77 at a wopping estimated Capacity of 5.19KwH WOOT!!!!

But some of this will be going out to camp and the rest will stay here and run my fridge and stuff.

Next on my purchase list is Cheap Solar to help charge the Batts to further reduce my cost of Power. But Since this is only playing and I'm not trying to go OFF Grid at this house. this is the Learning for our eventual retirement house in the Woods totally Off Grid.

Once I get the house Powerwall back up and running I'll take some more pics
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Well Big Update!!!!! Just got possession of roughly 285lbs of cells. Mostly processed some not. So I'n now In high production mode.

Bought 3 opus testers and modded with extra cooling fans to speed up the discharge test.

So far my camp wall is 7s 64p (8 cell holders) and is working great. Had one low voltage even which I didn't have protection for then (but I do now) and popped a few fuses but was able to get back up and running quickly by swapping out some of the damaged 8p packs. I'll get a pic from camp this weekend. but it's been a busy summer.

I have a grand total of 77 of those 8p packs built and I am now transitioning into larger 20p packs for my home wall which I will create a new build thread for. same design being modular just bigger packs. I hope to get up to 10kWh here at home and increase the Camp wall to 7s80p

So currently I have 616 cells built into packs and another 720 cells (which is growing by about 36 a day) that are tested and loose.

going to be a fun winter

Pics now that I have a functioning camera in my phone
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