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Cardboard Inserts for Packaging
I've been searching all over the place for various size inserts to separate 18650 cells packaged for shipping.  I'd rather not endure the tedious task of trying to make my own inserts, my arts and craft skills are a bit rusty.

Does anyone know where I can find cheap cardboard cut inserts?  Not trays, trays are not cost effective.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRY-t4QGI7gOKREKfk8DVs...qL2yXrxCrA]
I too am interested in boxes/inserts designed for these cells. I asked someone who sells cells on eBay and he stated that he gets them custom made. I haven't had time to look further, but if there is somewhere selling them already made, I'm interested in ordering some.

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