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Cartridge Style Power Wall
(01-29-2019, 11:55 AM)emuland-metroman Wrote: do you solder fuses to small pin? isn't that very hard? i'm trying spotwelding (with pain on settings)

Yes I soldered the fuses to the small pin on the holders then bent the pins straight up to make more room for the fuse legs. Then soldered to the fuses copper pipes. Soldering to the pipes is way more difficult to get enough heat transferred to them.
Cartridge Wall

Everything is still happily motoring along. I finally got enough cells tested to install my top row in. That should add another 736wh. I may try a total system capacity test from 4.20v down to 3v just to see where its at post inversion. I run it up to 4.15v now and shutdown around 3.30v just to be easier on them now. I plugged in the grid charging cord last night in preparation for the next round of snow\ice, in case the power does go out and I can justify my investment lol! Other than my panels being covered in a foot of snow and more on the way today and tomorrow there is nothing further to report. 

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Cartridge Wall


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