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Cell Database Submissions and Updates
I found some Farasis Energy, Inc IMR18650E22 cell in some Dell battery packs.
I have included the Data Sheet.

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.pdf   IMR18650E22-Farasis.pdf (Size: 679.46 KB / Downloads: 40)
Here is a picture of some LG prismatics, P/N LGUH6NF6060. I have other cells labeled LGUH6IA6661, so I think the designator is LGUH6. These are from HP slim ZO04XL batteries rated 64WH 15.2V (4s configuration, so the cells are 3.8V nominal, LiHV (at least 4.3V, I've pulled cells that are at 4.24V), but since I don't have one of these laptops to confirm, I'm not sure). The cells are 3930mAH nominal according to the pack label. Cell dimensions are 59.8mm wide x 5.8mm thick x 79.1mm tall. Metal case is positive, with a negative in the middle, and a PTC and tab on the left.


Side note, these batteries are a pain in the butt to extract, and easy to short out trying to clip the leads. I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a large supply of these for free. I personally will likely only be getting these (or in larger proportion to 18650 based packs) so I think I'll try and make a standard 3D printed holder for these cells to make them easier to work with.

Update: Cell tested at 3545mAH, 157mOhm at 4.2V.

Charge curves:

Tested one of the LGUH6IA6661 cells, it has basically the same performance, 3569mAH, 132mOhm at 4.2V:

Edit: Correction, the LGUH6IA6661 cells are 6.6mm thick.
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TS 18650 01 3.7v 1215

6 cells recovered from a laptop pack

blue with white insulator

charged to 4.20v rested 2 hours 4.17v  1931mAh


I think there was an ebay listing for some of these cells but I'm unable to find anything more about them,
Sanyo UR18650 AA 523A


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Not a reclaimed cell but I thought I'd post this anyways, it's got a good price per kWH for new cells ($183/kWH for qty 200 including shipping from China, or $5/cell with free shipping on eBay in the US, as low as $4/cell for 200 qty).

Boston Power Swing 5300
Specs: 5300mAH
10.6A max charge rate, 13A max discharge rate, 1000 cycle life at 100% depth of discharge

Positive is the large bottom side, negative is the small circular contact. Negative can be soldered to with some sanding but positive cannot, so spot welding is required.

Here's a more complete cycle life graph:
I thought in upload some photos from my cells i have that i didn´t find in the database.

The UR16650ZT i get it in some lenovo Laptop battery, which are the orange one.
Here is the datasheet:

The Green one are from a chinesse unkown brand FP 18650, but looks it has the rated capacity, tested with my modded opus.
these was also harvested from some counterfeit batteries that also has a fake rated capacity in their label. Also the text looks self explanatory, it shows the production date and the capacity.


6 cells from a genuine HP battery module HSTNN-LB42


still charging but seem to have similar characteristics as the other LG S2's in the database
Blue insert
Have 5 of this cell and will test tomorrow

Samsung 30A says there was no photos

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