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Cell Database Submissions and Updates
CBT18650-22J T12

Teal cell wrapper, Transparent insulator ring

6 cells recovered from a 5200mah battery for Acer UM08A71 UM08A72

THISS 18650 3.7V FP/18A

Green cell wrapper, Transparent insulator ring

6 cells recovered from an ACER 5920 Rating: 11.1V 5200mAh 58Wh

charged from 3.00v to 4.25v 2100mAh

Teal Cell from generic no name laptop battery:

FST seems to be the brand.


Orange Wrapper purple ring. 
from a a Dell laptop battery - 4 cells per battery.

Very faint markings on the cell itself (couldnt get the camera to pick it up!)
markings are SD8T4A9 on all the cells, and BSD8H3 printed onto the -ve base.

Note that the +ve end also seems to have a manufactured hole dead center!

Sony Fukushima US17670GR batteries

Green wrapper and Black insulator ring

Sony Energytec Stg US17670GR batteries

Green wrapper and White insulator ring

New FST variant, 2600mAh according to an 8cell no-name replacement laptop battery:

Upon further research, every BLUE FST "CJ" variant I am finding on Aliexpress of this cells seems to be just 2000mAh, so I guess it was a fake capacity reading on the battery cell.
YLE INR18650D150E MT


3.6V / 1500mAH
Rated at 30A continuous discharge.

Brown thick paper as opposed to shrink wrap.

So just rescued 6 of these from a Rayovac laptop battery. Model number shows to be 240 and I only saw the 220 version in the database (which has a different color insulation ring). Haven't done any discharge tests on em yet but the pack read 10.8V with 5000mAh and 54Wh. So guessing they're about 2500mAh if that's accurate (prob 2400 based on the model number). Also tried checking online for a data sheet but no luck. I'm not the best at finding those though honestly.

Brand: YLE (YikLik?) 
Model: ICR18650A240
Cell Color: Orange 
Insulator Ring Color: White 

2450mAh Rated
3.60V Nominal
4.20V Maximum
490mA Standard
1715mA Maximum
3.00V Cutoff
490mA Standard
4900mA Maximum
Red Cell Wrapper
White Insulator Ring
18650 Form Factor
Everything about this cell is unknown, it was pulled from a Dell W1193 laptop battery.
I have not found this one in the database:

Blue, with white ring.
Label: 18650H 1 1 307 56 22S DH
Got them from a laptop: 11.1V 4400mAh

another one:
blue, with dark green/gray ring
Label: ISR18650-B 151
out of a power tool replacement 18V 3.0 Ah

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