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CellLog 8 Discontinued?
I just went to Progressive RC and noticed the Celllog 8 is discontinued.

I really did like that little unit, Im glad I got at least one, but I really wanted the logging capability which is why I went there today to buy one.

I see this as a replacement...

Does anyone know anything about it?

I know the Cell Log 8 has a little discharge problems / balance issues because it didn't draw power eventually across all the cells, but asides from that it was near perfect.

I really liked the Alarm output to shut off the load when doing discharge testing.
This is also a balancer. Albeit not lots of current but it's an idea for those small packs.
I did notice that, pretty cool... for small projects, this seems like it going to gain popularity, but what I need is logging capability.

I am kicking myself for not buying a few Cell Logs with logging... That was my primary need for a new unit.
Check Ebay might be some on there
(08-27-2018, 11:55 PM)jdeadman Wrote: Check Ebay might be some on there

You may try that, but be warned. 

I tried buying 2 CellLog8 S (the logging kind), but from 2 sellers I was shipped the logless type and had to pay for returning the useless loggers. 
A third seller also claiming to sell the logger discovered that he had the non-logging kind, and was able to cancel the deal before shipping out.

I did not get any.

An Australian company claims to have the CellLog8S in stock, but will not ship outside Australia.

So Your time may be better spent searching elsewhere.


(08-27-2018, 11:10 PM)Crimp Daddy Wrote: I see this as a replacement...

Does anyone know anything about it?
This unit has no logging function, but do balancing with a limited current.
I checked eBay... there was nothing to be had, at least nothing that looked like a reliable seller.

What a bummer... but that's what I get for dragging my feet for months.

I do know of a more expensive solution... you can use the iCharger in monitor mode with a USB cable to output data to logging software. But its hardly convenient when trying to motor a larger battery bank as you will generally need more than one Cell Log or iCharger to take care of all the cells.

The iCharger also needs an external power supply.

I am really hoping the Cell Log people make a new unit, one where leaving it connected for extended periods of time would be OK without creating a balance issue. The ISDT unit looks pretty nice, but if they could add logging to that unit would be turn out to be a better replacement.
The BVM-8S looks similar? But no USB...
I already knew what the results were going to be, but I wanted to test it myself just for fun.  Confirmed the Cell Log 8 does in fact only draw power from the first 6 cells, which unfortunately puts cell 7 and or 8 out of balance over time.

Even with its faults I still wish I was able to buy a couple more, especially the model that has internal storage for logging and recording data;  That was an awesome and unique feature.

I have ordered the ISDT BG-8S Battery Checker and will do a full review write up as time permits… Unfortunately it doesn’t log, but it does balance, so I am sure that I would be running into any of the same long term use issues of the Cell Log 8.  Trade-off…

Here are some photos from an overnight test.


End Test - Ran Overnight
mV delta increased
Cell Voltages 1-6 dropped

There was a fix for that issue I just cannot find it right now. once I'll do I'll post the thread. I think it was over in Endless sphere

Oh Found it
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This literally just arrived... Bought the ISDT BG-8S Battery Checker, and a "little" something extra.

It's going to be a GOOD weekend!  Can't wait to tear into this box and heat up some cables.

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