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Charge and discharge 18650 packs
PowerLab8   Best …  BUT I'm hearing the new Icharger i6 is very nice at its price point ( mostly likely the best bang for the buck right now )

the PowerLab unit can do more .. log events …. It remembers your pack and can show changes in the pack over time.... You can change anything and everything in the settings with PL-8 when using it through a computer ( logging is better this way too )   The price is salty … But it does more than most know it can do. Mine outputs 60amps to the battery and does this all day if ya need it too . Its been in service for 4 years.

But .. I have to say the HOBBYKING Accucell 6 is great for its price. this unit can be connected to a computer for logging and battery ID's   comes in a 50W and a 80W models . I would say this is the best CHEAP charger that will last. 
I have 10 of this units over a year old now with no problems
 PowerLab 8  / KDS 7.2 / Horus X12
Gaui X3-385 Speed Heli 6S X-Nova powered . . . .Puffing Lipo's in 2 Mins
PowerLab 8 isn't in the same league as the smaller iCharger unit as they cost a fair bit more... a closer comparison would be against the "Duo" series of dual bay chargers like the 4010.

I have a bunch of Accucell units as well and while they work, certainly not as nice as an iCharger or PowerLab.

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