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Charger / Inverter for 7s20p Test Setup
Hi all,

im going to build my first Powerwall this year - a 14s80p Setup with Victron Hardware.

I still have some cells left for test - so my idea is to build a 7s20p (~1,2kWh) for some practical exercise.
So i want to do it cheap, but not bad ;-)
Witch charger / inverter is best for this (small) project?
As a bms I thought of the China BMS with Bluetooth..
Maybe use a old UPS as a basis. Something like the APC Smart UPS 1500.
(03-04-2019, 05:12 PM)Lucan Wrote: Maybe use a old UPS as a basis. Something like the APC Smart UPS 1500.

Agreed. Look for a server grade UPS. They are usually quite cheap. If you use a home/office UPS they are not designed to operate at full load for long. Without active cooling they overheat. Also the transformer is usually very underrated, as there is not intention that the UPS will run longer than the original battery will power it.
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