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Chat room for those that have no life ?
Well as it reads....
Forum Chat Room ?
I'm a BIG RC HELI guy...   
We have a chat room at the Heli-Forum that you just log in on …  and chat .. Always people there talking shop.

Just a thought ...

never mind …
I just went thought the forum and see this has been a topic before...

I understand why we don't have one here as it keeps the tread topics here. For all to review at a later date.
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If the market wasn't so crowded by chat's already it would be awesome - but really I think the community is still too small to support a chat room here. It is, however, lurking in the background if things change in the future.
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There is a chat where several of us are on. However, it doesn't just focus around powerwalls. We have a multitude of channels. 3D printing, linux, general electronics, etc

But note, it is not part of SecondLifeStorage.
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Please come join in general chit-chat and randomness at Discord Chat (channels: general, 3d-printing, linux&coding, 18650, humor, ...)
(this chat is not directly affiliated with SecondLifeStorage; VALID email req'd)
The chat room idea has been discussed numerous times. People are already spread out between youtube, Facebook, this forum, and a few other places. We are trying to focus our efforts into creating content on the forum, where it can be very easily referenced, searched, linked-to, etc for others. We would prefer not to create additional mediums for communication at this time.
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