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Considering Amorphous panels in 2019
I would like to gather some opinions, as I consider my options.  I don't mind if they are positive or negative.

The goal of my project is either a large portable or stationary Lithium Ion battery bank (Have not decided that yet).  Pack voltage will be 24V (7S).  I have just over 400 tested 18560 cells already (used laptop), and keep getting more.  So parallel groups could end up in the 48P-96P size.  

This project will be used for off-grid backup power and playing around.  I will not be running loads full time.  This is mostly just for fun, although I would like it to be useful during power outages (We have a lot of hurricanes in eastern NC)

I am almost positive that I will use Victron products for the charge controller and inverter.

The issue I have is that the only place I can put solar panels is in my back yard.  The sunlight in the back yard is not optimal.  The light is mostly indirect or shaded for a large portion of the day.  There are a couple spots that maybe get direct sunlight for 6 hours per day.

For this reason I have considered getting Amorphous panels Vs Mono or Poly panels.  I know that Amorphous panels are larger, heavier, more expensive per watt, and do not last as long in general.  But, I think with mostly indirect light, they will outperform other panels.  Cost is not a huge concern since this is mostly for fun.

I am looking at these panels (or something like them):

What do you guys think?  For the same money and space I could get more poly or mono panels.  So even though Amorphous does better in low light, If I had 2x the panel wattage in mono or poly it may not make a difference???
<Tested Inventory Capacity 3.58 KWH>


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