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Continuing AIMS Inverter Diagnostics, Transistor Testing

Part two for the AIMS inverter diagnostics. I believe the secondary problem has been identified. Sorry the video is so out-of-focus at times. I need to find a better camera for close-up filming. I wanted to upload it anyway though as an update to where I'm at.
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Nice video there :-)
To start testing the remaining sections (and repaired sections later), you could apply a 12V supply via a 1k resistor to the gate drive line & check the D-S resistance drops to zero, then connect same gate drive line to 0V & check resistance goes back open.
Section by section testing will save you time, effort & hassle if there's more wrong.

Do you have an oscilloscope?
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pop... the FET's usually cascade. some fail short and others may fail open or have gate damage...

Sometimes when replacing the FET's you can find a higher amp rated (and or or lower Rds) component rather than replace the exact component, you need to match some of the other characteristics as well in terms of the switching, otherwise a failure can sometimes give you a better product in the end.. Lower Rds will not dissipate as much heat..

Small HV caps are particularly nasty as they give small deep burns that you don't notice at first... it's either the smell of burning flesh or the small hot spot you feel. lol. larger caps are well bad...

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