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Craftsman XCP 19.2 v repair
Taking a break from harvesting over holiday weekend

Have several XCP batteries I wanted to see if I could salvage

Batteries read 7 v accross terminals but 19 v on the 5s1p

If I push button to give a power reading it jumps to 19v

Peak Charged each cell and still 7v

Looking to replace the pcb but can not find an exact drop in

Seen several rebuild threads with pcb inside battery and several with pcb outside where all wires run to outside

Anyone have a recommendation which way to go

How about a recommendation for a 5s1p that works with power tools

This may be the way to go if replacements pcb is not available

And anouther

Not so sure about charging from a laptop charger given no ballancing
Ohh man, I had a bunch of these packs I stripped down with maybe good PCBs. I found that they are just like the Royobi and I think the mosfets on the front of the PCB go bad and cut off voltage to the output.

You could just disconnect the PCB and wire the cells directly to the output. While also connecting a balance lead to the pack to use a hobby grade charger to recharge the packs. It wouldn’t give low voltage cutoff though!

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