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DIY DC combiner box
On request of some people a more indepth post of my DIY solar combinerbox.
This box is designed for my solar array which is still in a building phase.
Finally I will have 12 panels in a 3S - 4P combination.
The DC combinerbox will combine all the DC currents and add some extra safety features.

It all starts with a box...

Drill 14mm holes to fit the MC4 connectors.

Installing the MC4 connector with 10 gauge wire/2.5mm.

Preparing the schottky diodes and drill holes 3.5mm and taper 4mm thread into the heat sink.

Use some coolpaste before installing them on the heat sink.

A test layout...

Wire it all up, the terminal blocks are awesome, I found it by coincidence while browsing on AE.
I used Solar cable (6mm) between terminal block and DC breaker & terminal block and surge protection device.

Terminal block, 6 in - 2 out.

Don't forget to install the fuses....

Diagram....sorry I'm not that good at it, if not clear don't hesitate to ask me a question.

Data sheet schottky diode.

These are the links to all hardware I used to built this unit. Except the enclosure & heatsink which I had lying around from previous projects.

Cap fuse holder

I use 10A fuses

DC breaker:

Surge protection

Terminal block

High power zener diodes

MC4 connector

Cupper lugs between fuse holders/zener & zener/terminal block

Used tools:
MC4 crimptool

Wire stripper:

Good luck building your own, and again, don't hesitate to ask questions. Feedback apprecidated too.

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