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DIY Leaf Powerwall
Which would be preferable for battery life:
16s charged to 64.0v or
14s charged to 57.4v?

It's not possible to make informed decisions on cell life based simply on a "charged to" voltage.
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(05-27-2019, 03:51 PM)Sean Wrote: It's not possible to make informed decisions on cell life based simply on a "charged to" voltage.

Agreed, especially considering there is zero data on what kind of cells, charge state, new/used, chemistry, brand, source, etc, etc, etc......

Altho, under the assumption that the OP is referring to standard lithium cells, 14s @ 57.4V would be 4.1V/cell, whereas 16s @ 64V would be 4.0V/cell. This little difference won't neccessarily increase the life cycle count by much. However from 4.2V to 4.1V would add a lot. Going down to 3.9V would also add a lot of cycles available. But you are also sacrificing capacity.
Another thing to consider more so is the type of inverter/charger that is being used. If it can handle 64V in the first place.
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