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Dala's EVNX buildthread (1991 Nissan NX)
Wow what a massive project Dala. Way more than building a powerwall alone. Great updates.
Testing cells
So here is how to modify the chassis to accept a more modern shift linkage.

I first removed the original 5speed shift linkage, that consists of two heavy rods, actuated by the shifter. It weighs quite much.
On the bottom we have the new 6speed shift linkage, that works with two wires, actuated by the shifter. It is lightweight, and has many plastic parts.
Funfact, the 6speed linkage comes from a 2007 Nissan Primera, 2.2DCi. This works by sheer luck Smile

Here's the torpedo tunnel in the car. Nissan decided to place some weird cutout, exactly at the place where I need to mount this. It's as if they actually intended the B13 chassis to have a more modern linkage, maybe in the future revisions?

So, cut it open, and splashed some paint on it to prevent it from rusting.

And simply place the shifter on the original spot. 2/4 bolt holes lined up, I modified the last ones to work. SR6 shifter completed!

I also got the first driver side gearbox mount on. It's a custom piece, fastened with all the bolt holes that lined up. 2x 14mm9grade and 5x 10mm8.8grade. It also has prothane inserts, for extra stiffness. It should be way stronger than the original mount, and capable of much more power Smile
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I gave building a prototype a go. Used some B-grade cells (1750mAh) to make a powerbank.

It works perfectly! Charged my phone overnight with it Smile It totals at around 44 000mAh. You wont be seeing this in stores anytime soon though Wink

I used MMJ, housing electrical 1.5mm2 x3, stripped the cabling and twisted the three leads together with a drill. Soldered 'fuse' wire from old resistors, that burned at too high current Sad But better than nothing.

Did learn some things.
-I will need to sand the cells before soldering. Some had sticky coating on them, making it hard to solder
-I need more consistent fuse wire. Will order a ton of 1A glass fuses, seems to be the best option.
-My copper bends were quite wasteful, I need to optimize it for the next revisions, and make tighter bends.
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Managed to paint the whole floor, now atleast the inside wont be rotting anytime soon Smile

Found a new store to scavenge at, netted me 5 free packs Smile

I took the powerbank into use at the summer cottage, worked beautifully. Kept two phones and a bluetooth speaker going nonstop for two days, could probably go another few days Big Grin

Now I will have to focus on moving, so I won't have any spare time for a few days. But some good things will come, the new apartment will have space for battery testing!
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Lookin Good
Here's the mAh capacity reading for the last batch, just to give you an idea on how many were good/trash from a garbage pile

2130 A
2142 A
2154 A
2172 A
2133 A
2110 A
2127 A
2152 A
2136 A
2111 A
2136 A
2098 A
1702 B
1711 B
1756 B
1715 B
1731 B
1714 B
1346 too low capacity
1314 too low capacity
1326 too low capacity
1208 too low capacity
1021 too low capacity
1013 too low capacity
942 too low capacity
991 too low capacity
820 too low capacity
991 too low capacity
846 too low capacity
922 too low capacity
500 wont charge within 8h
500 wont charge within 8h
500 wont charge within 8h
500 wont charge within 8h
500 wont charge within 8h
500 wont charge within 8h

So, 11 good A-grade ones, 6 acceptable B-grade, 12 too low, 6 dead ones. Quite a 50/50 percent chance being good/bad in that batch. Usually it's more 75% good ones, but you'll never know before you test... Are your salvage numbers looking the same? Smile
It's roughly 2:1 ratio between useless cells and cells with above average capacity that you will use in the end. Useless cells means dead / low capacity / issues / Sanyo cells. Average capacity is between 1900mAh and 2000mAh. Obviously results may vary depending on source, models, luck...

It's all fun and games as long as you get the batteries for free. As soon as someone tries to charge you for them, forget it.
I've been having really good luck as of late. The last 2 batches of packs I got were medical packs. The first are Mobius 3s 9p packs that are supposed to be 2600mah and with my testing I'm getting almost 2300 consistently. And the other is a 3s1p packs that are sanyos but not the heater version. And all have been in the 1700-2000range. With only a fraction of dead cells
Nice work m8!
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I have successfully moved into the new apartment, and can now resume scavenging at a higher rate. These past two weeks have been slow, only picking up 3-5 packs per week now. On the plus side all have been free, thanks to amazing colleagues Smile

Here's the latest scavenging average from last week.

2679 - A
2659 - A
2659 - A
2658 - A
2622 - A
2621 - A
2604 - A
2602 - A
2599 - A
2595 - A
2409 - A
2363 - A
2328 - A
2383 - A
2313 - A
2300 - A
2294 - A
2276 - A
1375 - Too low, garbage bin
1361 - Too low, garbage bin
1251 - Too low, garbage bin
1212 - Too low, garbage bin
1119 - Too low, garbage bin
976 - Too low, garbage bin
58 Did not charge within 8h
58 Did not charge within 8h
null - Did not charge within 8h

So out of 27 cells, 18 were usable for the car. 67% success rate.

This sure is addictive Smile
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