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Design Help Nissan Leaf Gen 2 Batteries
Hello all!

I am new to the form and very eager to get started on this project. My goal is to setup a battery storage consisting of the following:

112 Nissan Leaf G2 Batteries running 48v

Batrium WatchMon4

Leafmon sensors

I basically have no idea how I would wire a system like this or how many Leafmon sensors I need in order to make sure the batteries charge correctly and safely. I also want to know what kind of battery charger you all recommend. What I want to be able to do is any additional demand my house uses between the hours of 2-8pm to use the battery backup. Is this possible? Also wanted to know if it is possible to use the grid to charge the batteries and not the solar? Our net pricing is higher in the day time if I sell excess solar and charge the batteries at night. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I also have the idea to charge at night and use at day. Selling back is not an issue for me, I will not do that. This give to much stress to the batteries.
Using 7S80P pack. Building 14S40P packs.
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(08-07-2019, 10:31 PM)JGrooms Wrote: I basically have no idea how I would wire a system like this or how many Leafmon sensors I need in order to make sure the batteries charge correctly and safely.

First read the FAQ to get familiar with the basics. Then check out the various different types of builds located in the DIY Battery Project Builds section. There are so many different types/styles/designs that it's almost impossible to say "Go this route" for your needs.
HBPowerwalls, AveRageJoe and DIY Tech & Repairs on YT have done several videos on Batrium installations and recommendations. Please check them out.
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Go this route, or the Schneider equivalent ....

Victron Multiplus II inverter/chargers - stacked if needed.
Victron ET112
Victron GX running ESS - Batrium integration works well.
16S battery
As much PV/wind/hydro as you can afford, because your net metering deal wont last for long, but scheduled charging from the grid is supported within ESS while your metering deal lasts.

After a lot of research. Here is the battery array I came up with. Can you all confirm this is correct for these battery types. 96 batteries in total.


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