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Design of 24v battery pack need some advice
Well, 100 is better than a 1000. I wouldn't waste the time testing the so-called 6000mAh cells. They will most likely test under 1000mAh. Then look out for more realistic values of around 3000mAh new, or some lesser value. Unless you go with LiFePO4, then those can be higher.

Always cross reference with the part number of the cell before purchasing.
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LiFePo4 will be lower in 18650 form Smile

You could try your luck and test them. The problem is they will probably not be the same (they aren't made according to a specsheet as proper cells are) and the differences can potentially be huge, so you'd have to test them all or none at all. Just testing a few to get a reference is probably not enough.

And also, have a look at this for proper cells:
Now, this is NKON, the only proper wholesaler for 18650s in Europe as far as I know, and you probably can't buy there if you live overseas. But all of these cells a legitimate 18650s that are sold by the big five manufacturers LG, Sony, Samsung, Sanyo and Panasonic basically worldwide. And while you probably can't buy at NKON you can use this list as a reference, many of these models will probably be available in your part of the world. You will get a feeling for what is a realistic claim for a 186550 and what isn't. If a particular cell isn't listed there it doesn't mean it's a fake obviously, not all of them are on offer at NKON. As long as they are made by the big five and sold by a reputable seller you won't have any issues with any model of cell as long as it meets your requirements.

The absolute maximum as of now is 3500mAh of capacity OR 30A continuous discharge. Not both, this is important. If you need high capacity AND high current you are probably looking at around 3000mAh/20A as the best compromise. Cells with higher capacity will have lower continuous current and vice versa.

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