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Diagram for headway cells
Where could I find some diagram on how to connect cylinders cells.

I ordered 8 cell lifepo4 3.2v 17Ah each
I would like to set them up
12v 34Ah for general use during power outage
24v 17Ah for a possible use on a electric bike 350watts
And the diagram to set up a 5 wire balancing cable for each setup.


Just 4s2p for 12V and 8S1P for 24V
(11-19-2018, 08:22 PM)jesusangel Wrote:

Just 4s2p for 12V and 8S1P for 24V


I been able to find those simple one but how to exactly connect them in a 8cell configuration not side by side.
Using the headway plastic tabs.

And then comes where to put the 5 wires for the balancing plug.
Here you have it done with 4s3p 18650. The cable goes from negative to positive, negative to negative of the fist cell (0V) next (2nd) cable to the positive of first cell that is the negative of the second cell (4.2V), next cable (3rd) to next join (8.4V), next cable (4th) to the next one (12.6V) and the last to the positive of the 5th cell (16.8V) .

Just to say that 4S may be too much voltage for a normal 12V and 3S too low, check your Inverter range.

Thank you,

That video should help me greatly,
I would only have a 4s2p so I imagine do everything the same but image the last row of 4cell are not there.

I put the wrong voltage the lifepo4 are 3.2 volt max 3.6 they hover around 3.5 I think I think everyone use 4 lifepo for 12v system as 3 would be low.

I should receive the cell in about 2-3 weeks can’t wait.
Yes, 4S is the correct for lifepo and 12v

For future reference I also found this:
it show some pack already build
and this page almost a live build of a pack

Now all we need is a similar with the BMS wires connected
The notation that he uses for Parallel and Series is the opposite.

Here you have it correctly explained.
but is the interactive diagram correct every time you click on more cell for example 4s2p 4s6p etc?

I am more visual than a reader when it come to assemble this kind of things


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