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Different Wattage Solar Plans
Hello. What happens if you connect solar panels of different wattages in parallel or serial? Example a 5 watt panel and a 100 watt panel in parallel? Do you get 105 watts? Or does the higher wattage panel feed back into the lower wattage panel as heat and you get 95 watts? Your thoughts are appreciated.
If both panels have the same voltage, it should be ok, to parallel them and you should get 105W.
If you connect them in serial, the voltage will add and the current will be the same as from the panel with less current. So if both have the same current it will also add the Wattage by paralleling.

Basically to get the most power out of them, you have to put them in parallel IF the voltage is the same, and in series if the current is the same.
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If the difference in wattage is large & they're connected in series, the larger panel may burn out the smaller panel.
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For series you have to look at the current delivered by the mpp of the panel.
This should be as close as possible to gether.
So not a 4A panel in series with a 8A
Parallel should all be the same panels.
And also blocking diodes , but that depends on the make or brand

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