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Different capacity in parallel?
Hey noob question here...
Lets asume i have these 4 cells with this capacity:

and lets asume i connet them in parallel.. so all positive and all negative sides connected...

what will i get in the end?
do they just sum together => 8500mah?
any problemea while charging oder discharging?
Please read through the forum posts as this type of question has been discussed many times.

Also read the FAQ

Parallel = increase in capacity/amp
Series = increase in voltage

All builds that are made from used cells here connected in parallel have different capacities
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I alteady read the FAQ... but this stuff is a bit overhelming in the beginning

but okay i will try to use the sesrch more often. Sorry for that.

basicly i know cells in parallel add up in capacity bit i wsas not sure if i run into any problems with different amounts of capacity.

im realy sorry... i am just having a hard time to understand all this stuff.
They will add up in parallel yes. This is the easy answer and will work fine for low current projects where you dont take in account all other factors.
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