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Digital Clamp Meter Advice
Looking to purchase a digital clamp meter, with amp, volt, etc functions. Not looking for anything gold platted, just a practical tool for a reasonable price.

Interested to know what the members on this forum are using?
Daromer did a review on one:

I got one of these from Jaycar:
It does DC amps as well (most clamp meters do only AC amps)
A bit pricy & the accuracy of low end DC amps seems variable, but it works OK otherwise.

PS link to daromer's video seems busted?
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Not sure why the video link didn't work... here's another link:

The Mastech MS2115A reviewed in the video looks good.
Yeah, looks it's pretty similar but the RMS side & speed might be better, mine seems a bit sleepy taking readings but gets there.
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
I have no idea what I did to the video link (apology)...  Huh

I've also looked at the MASTECH MS2108S True RMS Digital Clamp Meter, it looks good for the price.
This is the one I have. It does both AC and DC current as well as inrush current. It looks like the Mastech does too but this is a few dollars cheaper and has Prime shipping. Some of the cheaper ones don't have DC current or inrush.
Fixed the youtube code. Please visit the Youtube Links (Video and URL) to understand more about posting YT links Wink

As for the clamp meter, I have one from Harbor Freight. Works pretty decently, and even has a hold option. It doesn't have peak. I've tested it on DC and it seems to show the current, but not sure if it shows accurately as I haven't compared it to another device.
For AC it works pretty quickly. I think it updates <100ms easily. I do wish it did more, but for $20USD, I think it's doing it job pretty darn well.
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I would get a clamp meter that is mainly just for current, separate meter for doing voltages, resistance, capacitance, etc.

Makes for the option of leaving the clamp meter on a wire while you check the voltages (testing voltage drops for example).. just a thought..
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(07-13-2018, 04:22 PM)completelycharged Wrote: separate meter for doing voltages, resistance, capacitance, etc.

Good advice. I have my trusty Fluke for other jobs Wink

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