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Digital Clamp Meter Advice
Looking to purchase a digital clamp meter, with amp, volt, etc functions. Not looking for anything gold platted, just a practical tool for a reasonable price.

Interested to know what the members on this forum are using?
Daromer did a review on one:

I got one of these from Jaycar:
It does DC amps as well (most clamp meters do only AC amps)
A bit pricy & the accuracy of low end DC amps seems variable, but it works OK otherwise.

PS link to daromer's video seems busted?
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Not sure why the video link didn't work... here's another link:

The Mastech MS2115A reviewed in the video looks good.
Yeah, looks it's pretty similar but the RMS side & speed might be better, mine seems a bit sleepy taking readings but gets there.
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
I have no idea what I did to the video link (apology)...  Huh

I've also looked at the MASTECH MS2108S True RMS Digital Clamp Meter, it looks good for the price.
This is the one I have. It does both AC and DC current as well as inrush current. It looks like the Mastech does too but this is a few dollars cheaper and has Prime shipping. Some of the cheaper ones don't have DC current or inrush.
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Fixed the youtube code. Please visit the Youtube Links (Video and URL) to understand more about posting YT links Wink

As for the clamp meter, I have one from Harbor Freight. Works pretty decently, and even has a hold option. It doesn't have peak. I've tested it on DC and it seems to show the current, but not sure if it shows accurately as I haven't compared it to another device.
For AC it works pretty quickly. I think it updates <100ms easily. I do wish it did more, but for $20USD, I think it's doing it job pretty darn well.
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I would get a clamp meter that is mainly just for current, separate meter for doing voltages, resistance, capacitance, etc.

Makes for the option of leaving the clamp meter on a wire while you check the voltages (testing voltage drops for example).. just a thought..
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(07-13-2018, 04:22 PM)completelycharged Wrote: separate meter for doing voltages, resistance, capacitance, etc.

Good advice. I have my trusty Fluke for other jobs Wink

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