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Do you use "china" cells ins your powerwall?
I've currently a bunch of ASO and DLG cells. All with >2000mAh and small IR. The capacity tests made in this forum are quite promising.
But I'm not sure if its safe to use them or not?
I ask myself if the overpressure valve and the CID are well designed or not. 
Maybe someone has experience with this kind of cells? Or who is actually using them or not?
No. I don't even bother testing them. The China cells all go in the junk bin. Too many failures, poor capacity, aging much faster than brand-name cells, etc.

This article is a good read.
I personally don't use them and try to avoid them as much as possible.
When I go on my cellpack runs I get to choose what I get and always go for name brand and OE battery packs.
When I first started harvesting I was a noob and didn't know that aftermarket replacement batteries had "chinese" cells in them.
Some of them tested OK but a lot of them did not. I now even turn my nose at replacement cells given to me by friends who know I am collecting these things. I do take them out of gratitude though as they don't know the difference unless educated.
I know one of the board members (Dallski) is doing a long term test on a set of them you can follow his progress here.

All in all if you have a good supply of genuine cells I would leave the chinese ones a good leaving alone.
But if you don't have a good supply and that's all you can get then by all means. Just know what you are getting and treat them accordingly.

Quick note tough. All chinese Li-ion manufacturers are not created equally some of them do give a hoot and produce some very good cells but those are far and few between and I cant think of any names right now.

If 18 X 650 = 2200+mAh then we have power! 
May all your Cells have an IR of 75mΩ or less Smile
Last count as of 8/7/2019
Total Number of Cells Recorded and processed                 6149
Total Cells required for PowIRwall                                   2856
Total Cells ≥2200mAh, ≥80%, ≥35mΩ, ≤75mΩ, ≥4.12V   2760
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