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Downloads: PCB Design Jehu PCB Powerwall Circuit Board Gerber Files
There have been quite a few people asking where to find the files for the Jehu boards. To help people find what they need easily, I thought it might be a good idea to upload them here since they are open source. You can upload the zip file directly to JLCPCB at

.zip (Size: 56.94 KB / Downloads: 47)
.zip (Size: 84.31 KB / Downloads: 32)
.zip (Size: 90.36 KB / Downloads: 47)
.zip (Size: 91.88 KB / Downloads: 275)

JLCPCB Settings:
Layers: 2
Dimensions: 165mm x 88mm
PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
Surface Finish: HASL (with lead)
Copper Weight: 1oz
Gold Fingers: No

Jehu's Parts Listing:
M4 25mm Brass Standoff -
M4 22mm Brass Standoff -
SMD Fuses -
4-Cell Holders -
3-Cell Holders -
Ribbon Cable -
IDC Female Connector -
IDC Male Connector -
XT60 90 Degree -

Support Jehu Here:
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