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Draw on each cell stupid question
Just looking for clarification and ensure my understanding is correct. Let's assume I have a 4s60p setup. Let's say I apply a load which draws 20amps. Am I right in thinking that this 20amp draw is divided by the 240 cells and therefore the individual load per cell is 0.08amps?
No, the 20 Amps is divided by the number of parallel cells (60 in your example). The series number is irrelevant.
Okay thanks for the prompt reply. So 60 parallel cells in each series, 240 cells in total if four of these packs in series. Help me understand your answer please?

Having sat and thought about your answer I now believe I understand. The reason for my initial question relates to my other post on this forum regarding cell temperature. I suppose really I just want to ensure that I am not putting large loads on used cells. I therefore may consider increasing to 80p to ensure headroom. This probably also explains why the likes of hdpowerwall & average Joe use 80p packs. Thanks for your help.
The reason for any specific amount of cells in parallel is either the maximum current or the required capacity. This depends on the application. A powerwall in generally are relatively low power application. You need a lot of cells to get the desired capacity and by doing that you automatically have enough cells to handle the current. On high power applications you might get a lot more capacity than you actually need due to the large amount of cells that are required to handle the necessary current (and subsequently power).
DarkRaven - thank you for your explanation. I'm a very logical person but don't always put ones brain into gear before responding. I do hope I haven't upset Dallski! It makes sense now.
No, you didn't upset me :-P It was a pretty simple question, so I gave a simple answer. Take a look at the FAQ section of this forum, a lot of your questions are already answered there. Once you study the FAQ, you will probably have even more questions, so feel free to ask. There's a lot of members with a lot more experience once you get to the complicated stuff!
You can get a lot more details by reading the FAQ listed on the main page. Series, Parallel, Voltage, Amps is all discussed over there.
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This may help...
Dalskii - I'm glad to hear it. Nothing wrong with a simple answer but as a logical person I would like to try and make some sense of things given the gravity if I don't get it right and things go wrong. Thank you for your help so far.

Spinningmagnets - that made a great deal of sense. Answered my question and offered me more info. Thank you.

I don't doubt for a second given the time that this forum has been running that these questions have likely been asked before however not knowing the tiles these posts have been given or the category someone may have decided to put them under I felt it easier to ask the specific questions. Should I have any further questions I will consult the faq.

Once again thank you all for your help.

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