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Dutch Wall in progress

I finally got round to making my startpost, even though I am still a long way from completing my project(s).
Pictures will follow, but for now I write the story on why and how I think I will accomplish my goals.

Although the powergrid in holland is pretty ok, the idea of producing you own power and being able to keep producing power even when the grid is down, is appealing to me.
My friends and neighbours sometimes ask....but why on earth do you want that. There have been a few power outtages in my village over the last few years and I would like to keep my central heating, refrigirator, lights, (tv)server ect running when they happen too.

Only a week after one of my sons was born in a (for us) cold january, we lost power for almost a day, and although candles kept everything warm, power would have been nice Smile.

Since then I have sourced a APC Smart UPS 1000(24v bat) and hooked it up to a few bigger batteries (BETA Lead Chrystal, 55AH). The UPS was for free, the batteries were new and in good condition, for not too much at an auction. I once had a 5000 UPS from APC(48v batt), but sadly I binned that before all this (brainfart).
I also found a very cheap generator which works ok, putting out a max of 2600w. The guy selling it, could not get it running anymore when I showed up, so it was veryvery cheap. Turned out that he was not able to get the fuel running into the carburator, but that was a quick fix for me.

My goal is to get a hybrid inverter(48v, 5000w) with a powerwall consisting of recycled 18650 cells(around 12KWH, cells above 1800mah ) and some solar panels, but before that I would like to set up a smaller project using the smart UPS purely as an invertor, using cell ranging from 1500-1799 mah, running a small solar charger and less solar panels.

I have been sourcing cells from laptopbatteries which i find at local computer shops (for free, for candy and one shop for 1,50euro/kilo), from ebike batteries from local bike shops (for free or for some special beers).

I have made a charging/discharging board myself with parts coming from Aliexpress and a computer powersupply from the recycle bin at work. It can charge 14 cells at once using tp4056 boards and discharging 5 cells using ZB2L3 v2.1 boards (1A discharge).

So far I have salvaged almost 1300 cells from various packs (still have 12 bikebatteries and 6 laptoppacks to dismantle) and from that a little over 400 cells tested over 1800 mah and a little over 200 cells tested between 1500 and 1799 mah.

My goal is to get to 1680 cells over 1800mah (averaging around 200mah) for the "grand" project.(14S120P), but willing to start with packs of 60P, doubling up capacity when having enough cells

I watch the forum to see al your different ideas on setups and applying things I like and those that are possible for my own set ups.


Welcome neighbor,
Netherland is a good place to find e-bike batteries and it look like you have a good stock of Panasonic. Smile
Current setup: 21x 215wc poly, 7.5kWh 7s 18650, PIP 2424msxe.
And the owner of the local bike shop likes special beers, so everytime he has some, he even emails me. And most of the time already sorts the 18650 cell packs from the LiPo's for me.

I do have a lot of panasonics (and sanyos too), most heaters so far have been green sony's...

Where are you roughly in Holland?
I'm in Belgium near Luik so not too far. I come to Holland to pick most of my cells from a biek shop too Wink

Green Sony's are mostly bad, got hundreds of them from bike batteries, mostly <1000mAh...
Current setup: 21x 215wc poly, 7.5kWh 7s 18650, PIP 2424msxe.
hmm strange, german bike shops send the packs in for warranty, nothing to give to me.. at least you get some
Bosch packs are repacked by the manufacturer, chineses stuff and some other brands are just recycled.
Current setup: 21x 215wc poly, 7.5kWh 7s 18650, PIP 2424msxe.
Im planning a 14S 120p aswell!
Good luck!

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